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Having experienced my first pulled hamstring when I was 13 I was referred to a sports massage therapist by my doctor. There were a few trigger points present and I had fatigued my right leg from compensation as the pulled hamstring was in the left leg. I was blown away how quickly I recovered from the injury. I contribute this to what I'd like to refer as Effective Restorative Therapy. My massage therapist took the time to ask me a few questions about what I was experiencing and gave details about what to expect which allowed me to relax that much more. I offer you this information as this single experience sent me on a journey to figure out how to replicate the ability to provide that kind of treatment. I had no clue what I needed, yet my therapist understood enough of my complaints and symptoms to provide me such relief. This is where I started to work on creating my business with a mentality of 'Effective Restorative Therapy.' I was fortunate enough to attend Cadaver Lab where I went to school which gives me the ability to provide education of anatomy utilizing modern technology to help you better understand visually why I may suggest a certain plan of action before you get on the table, is one example of many tools to get you on your way reduced pain/stress. I thrive on a total state of focus with an intuitive touch to provide unparalleled results.


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